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Local Events

Local Organizing Committee Events and Projects

ICSI 2019 attendees will have the opportunity to engage in several local organizing committee projects and events during the conference.

Arts Installation

The Local Organizing Committee has identified a local artist to provide an interactive experience for conference attendees. This will result in a permanent installation that will celebrate sustainable infrastructure and the legacy that the conference will leave for the Greater Los Angeles.

Project Catalogue

Do you have a sustainable project worth sharing with the world? Check out the sustainable project database where conference attendees can view and share various Envision, LEED, and other sustainable projects. Users will be able to sort by attributes such as project type, location, certification, and more on an interactive map.

Contact: Paul Lee

Urban Heat Island Mapping

Through a partnership with Climate Resolve, attendees will explore the effects of the urban heat island effect by mapping hot spots through Downtown Los Angeles. Walk through historic Los Angeles landmarks and engage with public to witness the effects of urbanization on the local climate.

Girls into Green Careers

Always dreamed of changing the world? How about having a fast‐paced challenging job that is rewarding too? This workshop is designed to inspire high school-aged youth to consider a career in green infrastructure. Participants will be introduced to exciting careers in green infrastructure by meeting successful sustainability professionals, collaborating in a team environment to complete a green project, and developing a new network of innovative thinkers that will lead our society into a green economy.

Contact: Jennifer Trotter

Green Alley

Watts in Los Angeles has become emblematic for social justice concerns, poor infrastructure and a history of social and civil rebellion. It also has some of the most astounding urban artwork (Watts Towers) and other features that make it a place on the verge of a Renaissance (a fresh food center, community center, transit-oriented development, etc.). The Green Alley project has been started as a collaboration between Young Members LA Section ASCE, Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers, the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Watts Rising. This unique space will be turned into a pedestrian-friendly Green walkway connecting the City office, Kaiser Medical Center and the Children’s Institute as well as linking up the large park area to the Blue Line. It will be a lasting legacy for the City.

Contact: Melissa Elder

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